Wolf Sail

We specialize in creating once in a lifetime experiences through journey and adventure. Partnering with experts – athletes, writers, politicians, entertainers – we build memories and educate through life, travel and entertainment. The kind of bonding and personal growth achieved through our immersion activities is unparalleled. We dream big and we bring those dreams to life.

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Current Adventures

Just a few of our current adventures…

  • A remote Canadian fishing journey with the biggest names from the NHL.
  • Entrepreneurial and political travel to the country of Georgia.
  • Intimate Israel through the eyes of its most unique citizens.
  • All-inclusive ranch experience with two of the world’s most famous musicians.
  • Fast cars, off-road jumping and big guns.  Need we say more?
  • A twist on golf you wish you would have thought of first.
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Let’s connect today new friend and talk about our epic adventures.

Seattle, Washington USA

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